MSB's services are provided on a contingency fee basis only. There are no up-front costs!

Governmental entities nationwide are experiencing an ever increasing case load, resulting in greater demand for more effective collection techniques. MSB's innovative programs will have a major positive impact on your collection results.

At MSB, our professional staff locates and contacts defendants and debtors in a diligent and courteous manner, addressing each case evenly, assertively and successfully. We are your "Revenue Recovery Experts".

With MSB, you can be assured of a turnkey solution that allows your collections efforts to begin immediately, utilizing:

- Specialized collections software & sophisticated hardware components
- Highly trained call center and operations staff - Bilingual, as necessary
- Well documented accounting procedures and internal controls
- Complete letter mailing, payment processing and fulfillment capabilities
- A dedicated Client Account Manager for inquiries, questions and feedback

MSB offers many flexible, innovative solutions, including:

- Electronic transmission of accounts supporting many file formats
- Informative, customized management reports
- Multiple methods of skip tracing
- Customizable letters and correspondence, including address management services
- Power and predictive dialer functionality
- Sophisticated inbound and outbound call center services, with call recording
- Credit bureau reporting
- Telephone and internet options for check, credit and debit card payments

By utilizing MSB's collection services, you will achieve...

- Increased Revenues - MSB collects delinquent accounts that would otherwise go uncollected or may only be resolved through more expensive means such as arrest. MSB addresses each and every account evenly and consistently regardless of the location of the defendant or debtor.
- Greater Voluntary Compliance - Resolving the backlog of accounts will help clear your case load and bring about an increase in future voluntary compliance.
- Decreased Liability - MSB indemnifies all clients against our actions and maintains substantial liability insurance coverage and bonding.
- Expanded Staff - Utilize MSB's resources and personnel without using your limited resources. It's like having additional staff working right along with you!
- Premiere Technology - You can benefit from advanced technology by leveraging MSB's state of the art solutions. MSB already has the capabilities in place to offer reliable software and hardware resources along with the skilled personnel to meet your collections goals.
- Justice Served - Defendants or debtors are able to satisfy their obligations voluntarily, with dignity and without embarrassment.