driver surcharge



Driving Is Not a Right…It's a Privilege

With revenue enhancement and recognition programs becoming increasingly critical for state governments, driver surcharge programs have become an effective way to mitigate state budget shortfalls by targeting key offenders. Our programs are designed to assist government agencies to effectively and efficiently administer a turn-key solution that involves overseeing all aspects of a program. MSB has designed a custom software solution to oversee all aspects of the process. This includes but is not limited to:
  • Inbound customer service call center solutions
  • Letter series and Correspondence to offenders
  • Payment processing systems (Including payments by mail, credit card, check-by-phone, Western Union Quick Collect, and Money Gram)
  • Offender database records updates
  • Custom reporting relating to operations such as calls per hour, number of notices sent, or transaction reporting
  • Outbound calls
Our program offers significant budget enhancements for state governments which generates revenue through a driver surcharge. Drivers who fail to act responsibly on the road such as driving while intoxicated, operating a vehicle without a license, or a number of other violations are placed into a surcharge program in which they must pay additional fees to the state government. Gila Corporation currently operates a surcharge program for the state of Texas and administers the fees collected.

We would be pleased to work with you to identify the best fit for your state to implement a similar program. Please contact us at 800.568.7004 x3030.