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MSB Can Help...
  • Serve Justice & Decrease the Number of Outstanding, Unresolved Cases
  • Increase the Court's Revenues
  • Become an Extension of Your Staff
  • Increase Voluntary Compliance
  • Decrease Your Liability

MSB currently works with more than 450 jurisdictions in 23 states and is licensed to collect throughout the United States. MSB maintains state contracts with Arizona, California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Kansas, Texas, Utah and Wisconsin. MSB is an active member of the AMERICAN COLLECTORS ASSOCIATION (ACA International). MSB understands that the court desires a professional organization to work closely with you to establish a customized collection program that meets your individual needs.

MSB has demonstrated through our relationships with hundreds of jurisdictions that it is qualified to meet the challenges of the Court's collection project. Moreover, we are committed to providing the most professional, cost-effective and efficient program. Throughout our history, MSB has developed innovative programs that fulfill the needs and requirements of our diverse clientele.